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Best in class professional services in over 150 countries: setting up entities • payroll • accounting • tax • HR & benefits

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    Some of the fast-growth companies we’ve helped:

    UnaTerra is the leading provider of compliant business-critical solutions to support fast-growth companies on their international journey

    Our smart tech platform enables our team of specialist advisors to collaborate and work as part of your headquartered team to deliver easy, compliant international operations.

    Why expand with UnaTerra?

    We have a proven track record on complex global expansion projects in over 150 countries

    We act as one trusted point of contact, making your international operations easy and hassle-free

    We have provided cost effective solutions to hundreds of founders, CEOs, CFOs, controllers and HR teams

    I work with our clients to understand what their goals are for expanding abroad, and then help them craft a solution that’s going to help them achieve those goals.

    If they’re already international, we can help make that easier by providing them with one point of contact instead of multiple vendors in multiple countries and time zones.

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    Andrew Laing
    Business Manager

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